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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
bfcc 1402 9 years dankogai: lang/c/bfcc: BF to C compiler
cairo-hacking 1356 9 years gyuque: lang/c/cairo-hacking: support for 1bit mask(non-anti- alias mode)
cairo-win32-build-kit 1149 9 years gyuque: lang/c/cairo-win32-build-kit: added libpng and PNG surface support
firefox3b1 1847 9 years gyuque: imported
flCsvView 1280 9 years mattn: lang/c/flCsvView/flCsvView.cpp: bug fix. memory leak when couldn't open a …
flUstPlayer 736 9 years mattn: lang/c/flUstPlayer, lang/c/flUstPlayer/AUTHORS, …
SDL_textmanager 238 9 years itkz: import SDL_textmanager supports input method and dead key input
sonydb 1834 9 years mattn: lang/c/sonydb/Makefile.w32: gear compile option to the one of id3lib.
zm2 1729 9 years gyuque: lang/c/zm2
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