Ex DOM Storage

Ex DOM Storage library is DOM Storage implementation library for IE6, IE7. DOM Storage is specified by HTML5.


Source Code


MimeType? setting for HTC file

HTC file must be send with collect mime type "text/x-component". You may need to set mime type, for example (Apache):

AddType text/x-component .htc

Load library

Please put exdomstorage.htc and exdomstorage.js to same directory.

And write html, for example:

<!--[if lt IE 8]>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/exdomstorage.js"></script>


Limitation and Known Issue

  • The onstoragecommit event is not implemented yet. (IE6, IE7)
  • The onstorage event is not fire on another window opend same domain. (IE6, IE7)
  • The storage space is about 64Kbyte (IE6, IE7)

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7

Native Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 2
  • Firefox 3
  • Safari 4 (trunk)

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