WikiForme - Structured Wiki-style document format processor



svn export wikiforme

Command line interface

To use WikiForme in command line interface instead of web-based interface, make and install CLI package.

make cli
cd wikiforme-cli-VERSION
ruby setup.rb all --prefix=path/to/install


Web-based interface

cd pressmate

Then, see http://localhost:9400/

Command line interface

Usage: wikiforme [convert]  <-b BUNDLE.4me>  <-t TYPE>  [options]  documents ...
  Parse documents with BUNDLE.4me and convert into TYPE.
  Output file name is like 'test.txt' => 'test.html' where 'html' is depends on
  '--type' or '--extension' options.
    -b, --bundle   FORMAT_BUNDLE.4me Format bundle path
    -t, --type     FORMAT_TYPE       Format type
    -e, --extension EXTENSION        Use EXTENSION instead of format-specific default suffix
    -o, --output   FILE_OR_DIRECTORY Output file (only for single documnt) or directory
    -h, --header   DOCUMENT          Catenate header
    -f, --footer   DOCUMENT          Catenate footer
    -r, --root     ROOT_ELEMENT      Use ROOT_ELEMENT instead of default root element
    -s, --subject  ROOT_TEXT         Use ROOT_TEXT instead of default root text
    -i, --indent-xml [no]            Output human readable XML
    -n, --noindent ELEMENT_NAME      No indent element
    -c, --indent   STRING            Indent string, default is '  '
    -p, --param    KEY=VALUE         Optional parameters

Currently only 'article.4me' bundle is available and it is installed on $PREFIX/share/wikiforme/bundles/article.4me.